Advanced Vacuum develops and supplies frontline vacuum solutions, ranging from reliable plasma etch and deposition systems to innovative chemical pump systems to high performance thermal/vacuum environmental test chambers.

Established in Sweden in 1993 to provide vacuum system service, Advanced Vacuum quickly grew and two years later began principal sales for vacuum associated components. By 1999, the company, now located in Lomma, Sweden, was designing hardware and software solutions that included hardware and software upgrade packages for a variety of vacuum systems including plasma. The principal business expanded as Advanced Vacuum became the exclusive distributor in the Nordics of additional first tier vacuum component and systems companies (e.g. Edwards Vacuum and Entegris).

In 2004, Advanced Vacuum released the cost effective and reliable Vision 300 platform for etch and PECVD. The elegant design and construction of this product has made it popular in R&D, prototyping, and low volume applications among many prominent research institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.

Acquired in 2011 by Plasma-Therm, a leading plasma processing equipment supplier for specialty markets, Advanced Vacuum was able to develop the Vision platform to include more sophisticated process technology. In 2012, the Vision ICP was introduced to provide high density plasma etching processing capability to the product portfolio.

Today, Advanced Vacuum provides a products and platforms for critical research and development, prototyping, and low volume production in the areas of semiconductors, material science, component testing, and failure analysis.  Advanced Vacuum solutions for custom applications, upgrades, and retrofits are well known throughout the vacuum equipment industry.

  • Current portfolio includes:
    • Advanced Energy Inc.
    • Edwards Vacuum
    • Entegris
    • Norcal Vacuum Components
    • Horiba
    • Applied Microstructures

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