As bonded or laminated wafers become more common (e.g. MEMS), the need to test them becomes a priority. Advanced Vacuum’s Bondtester provides the capability to test laminated and bonded wafers prior to wafer handling in critical vacuum process equipment such as etch and deposition. This stand alone and cost effective pre-test for bonding defects avoids costly down time due to breakage and mishandling in critical fabrication process flows.¬†

A small footprint, on-board-pump, and wheels, makes the system mobile and easily ported between process stations. The Bondtester is immediately productive with fast out-of-the-box installation, fully automatic cycling, and intuitive, simple interface.


  • Single wafers or whole cassettes¬† testing (up to 12” capable)
  • Onboard pump (turbo optional)
  • Stationary or mobile (only power and compressed utilities required)
  • Low base pressure with fast, controllable pump down (<1x10-6 mbar)
  • Large window for sample monitoring
  • CE/UL compliant
  • Best-of-breed OEM components (standard “off the shell”) for fast parts availability


  • Programmable time and/or pressure cycling with automatic execution
  • Fully automatic vacuum operation
  • Alarm history, multiple user access levels, on-the-fly recipe control
  • Real-time process data display
  • Easy and safe override maintenance screens




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