Plasma-Therm’s VERSALINE® platform is the workhorse for a variety of applications in the specialty semiconductor markets. It incorporates a modular design that enables flexible configuration of substrate handling and technologies that address a wide range of customer requirements.

Substrate Handling Configurations
The VERSALINE® platform provides flexibility of a variety of handling options. Additionally, the VERSALINE® platform gives customers upgrade options that allow equipment to grow from a manual load configuration to a single-substrate or batch carrier loadlock to a fully automated cassette-to-cassette handler.

ML — manual loading for single substrate or batch
LL — loadlock for single substrate or single batch carrier
CX — cassette loading

Technology Configurations
Plasma-Therm offers a range of technologies for the etching and deposition of a variety of different materials.


  • ICP—Inductively Coupled Plasma
  • RIE—Reactive Ion Etching
  • DSE—Deep Silicon Etch
  • ME—Mask Etching


  • PECVD—Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • HDPCVD—High Density Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition

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